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 Flexi Seat

The flexi seat is our standard issue seat offering comfort and support to all users with adjustable aperture.

 Horseshoe Seat

Fully padded vinyl seat offering comfort and support with the added benefit of  a front opening for better access.

 Toilet Seat

Fully padded vinyl  seat with a completely closed in front aperture. Offers comfort and support.

 Horseshoe Seat with Skirt

Padded horseshoe seat with added benefit of a fixed skirt. Essential for use with all wash dry toilets including Geberit.

 Gel Horseshoe Seat

The gel seat helps distribute the users weight. Also available in the toilet and full styles with or without a skirt.

 Full Seat

Fully covered padded vinyl seat with no aperture perfect for a chair only being used for showering.

 Neoprene Harness

Padding provides comfort and support to shoulders and hips whilst sitting comfortably across the chest.

 Ankle Huggers

 Designed to aid the positioning of the user’s feet - a brilliant alternative to foot and heel straps.

 Neoprene Strap

Highly versatile multi use soft neoprene strap can be used to aid positioning and comfort in any chair.

 Neoprene Lap Strap

Two point soft neoprene lap strap for comfortable safe positioning whist sitting in the chair.


Our standard lap strap, two point frame attachment helps keep the user secure and comfortable in the chair.

 Groin Strap

Made of soft spacer fabric, two separate leg sections hold the user in place and prevent slippage.

 Anti Tip Bars

These bars retro-fit to our self propelled chairs to give the user peace of mind.


Highly versatile the wedges can be used to support the head or as thorasic supports.

 Commode Pan

Our standard commode pan comes complete with sliders and lid and can be fitted to any chair with a solid seat.

 P Guard

Acts as an anti splash device on a toilet seat.

 Heel Strap

Fits to the individual footplate and prevents the foot from slipping backwards.

Gel Leg Protectors

Adds cushioning around the stems of the footrest.

 Commode Strap

To be used with the commode pan whenever using a chair over a Geberit wash dry toilet.

 Moulded Headrest

Supports the users head by moulding to their unique shape.